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AMA with CEO (part 3)

AMA with’s CEO (Part 3)

Posted by Xalat on July 13, 2018
Tokens Listing
Q: Which coins will be listed on the exchange initially?
A: Initially it will be the basic, big coins, but then we will roll out a ton after, especially ERC20. Have a bunch of listings and ICO clients that will come out quickly as well. So at start:
BTC — Bitcoin BCH — Bitcoin Cash ETH- Ethereum LTC — Litecoin TIO — TradeToken
USDT — May be available right at launch or at the very least within 2–3 days following launch.
ERC20 — we are looking at rolling out maybe 200 as soon as possible, but priority is on listing clients and ICO clients.
EOS and XRP soon.
Q: When will the exchange support FIAT?
A: Soon, there is no regulatory issue, just want to scale into features.
Q: Will we have any kind of voting system for new coin listings? Can you tell us anything about your plans on how new listings will be done? Would TIO owners have any privileges over others?
A: We are not looking to limit coins by any means, just need a controlled process to roll them out.
Regulations and Jurisdictions
Q: Can you speak on the progress with regards to regulations in the various jurisdictions? Which jurisdictions is currently focusing on, or which is top priority at the moment?
A: Working on HK, Singapore, Switzerland, Malta right now as the bigger ones. Smaller ones as well. We are meeting with regulators in the US as well.
Q: Are u also considering India?
A: India is unclear as to regulations right now.
Q: Will move to comply with the SEC and other regulatory bodies worldwide as they ask for information on customer protections, etc?
A: Already started, meetings already happening. We will do what we can to eliminate insider trading, wash trading, bots, fake volumes, all the bad things that hurt customers and plague other exchanges.
Q: When is the new Road-map being published?
A: After exchange and LP launches.
Q: When will the LP fully launch? After 30 days of exchange? And the profit of the LP will count from the 1st day of exchange launch?
A: There is only a full version of LP, there is no beta version of LP. Profit starts immediately, LP will launch after 30 days i.e. profits start from next week at launch of the exchange. ICO consultancy revenues will be included regardless when exchange launches.
Q: Will there be something which tells the day’s profit with detail for transparency before LP launch?
A: There will be a LP distribution amount widget, but not promising that before LP launch.
Q: How much can we expect from LP daily payouts in the first month? Nothing at all? Something more than current airdrops program? Or much more than current airdrops?
A: The exchange needs to ramp and generate volume, then the LP will have meaningful distributions.
Q: There were some thoughts that the running costs would eat up the revenues that was already generated from consultancy arm that would left very few to be distributed. Could you tell us this is not the case? And in general, costs to be subtracted from LP is only direct costs that affects it, could you confirm that as well?
A: You mean operations? No that is covered from our 50%.
TIO Token
Q: After the exchange has been launched, how is the price movement of TIO expected to react? Do you not have any estimation for it?
A: Impossible to know, however, we are actively exploring moving TIO to exclusively be traded on exchange and de-list from other exchanges, for more control over price manipulation.
Q: What’s the solution in the future to avoid something like Bitforex?
A: They picked us up on their own. It is impossible to prevent a supposed decentralized exchange from listing TIO
Q: What measures will be taken to boost the trading volume of TIO token after launch of exchange. With the LP, the volume might be very low as it is today?
A: If you look at the token economics of TIO, it is designed to be more like a Berkshire Hathaway than a high volume penny stock. The goal is to drive value, not volume. The more value we create, and with low float, this will be good for price.
Q: Will TIO be trade-able with other commodities listed under FX Primus ?
A: Most likely not, as its a crypto asset so it will be traded against other cryptos. Exchange
Q: What is the ETA for decentralized exchange?
A: There is no ETA at this time, we’re fully focused on making sure we have a flawless centralized exchange and execute on the liquidity pool.
Q: Will offer margin trading?
A: We will. Working with risk management to get it structured.
Q: What about futures and options?
A: Talking to some vendors specifically about this as possible partners.
Q: Will have algo trading?
A: Talking to a partner on that currently as well
Q: Why limit the launch to just 1000 initially?
A: The limitation to 1000 is not really for technology reasons, its more to allow customer support to get feet under them before we pummel them. It’s 1000 on Day 1, looking to open up to many thousands, within only a few days following launch. There is no level of training that can prepare support/finance, etc. once live users come through the door. This is not our first rodeo with running brokerages, so we understand its a completely different ballgame once the bright lights are on.
Q: What about Blossom wallet?
A: That wallet is under development, which makes it easier to participate in ICOs, have KYC, etc.
Q: Are MEW or other wallets going to be integrated in such a way as to make it possible to be able to participate in the LP without having them on the exchange? If this is actually possible that is. Will Private Keys be made available to the holders of the wallets in
A: Not sure on security on that. May be part of hybrid DEX solution. Also, transaction fees would be high, since every transaction would be recorded on BC, cant really use ledger. Not ideal overall.
Q: Will place their own buy and sell orders to maintain liquidity?
A: We will keep risk low initially, but over time us and outside (institutional) providers will be doing this.
Q: What are the plans with FX Primus?
A: The current initiative with FXP, is to accept TIO as a deposit method, then eventually allow TIO to be traded on the platform.
Q: Are there any updates on the Angel Investors Program? What roles do Kosmos, Plutus VC and Blockway Capital play in the Angels Investors Program?
A: We are sending them deals to look at where they know we already did KYC, took a first pass, etc. They are also bring us deals to look at as well.
Q: Can u please tell us about the security measures taken for exchange. As these days many exchanges are being hacked even the so called best exchange i.e. Binance , Bancor etc.
A: We have in-house, outside team, Cloudflare, Fireeye, etc. To elaborate, virtually all client assets are kept in cold storage as well.
Q: Are there plans to provide insurance against hacking? If wallets get hacked is it guaranteed that owners will get all their tokens back? One suggestion is that part of the undistributed funds from the LP (due to tiers with percentages less than 100%) can be used to offer such insurance, If necessary…if not, could be retained by the company …Security is obviously of the utmost importance especially if is targeting institutional investors. This insurance would bring extra peace of mind.
A: We are looking for answers on that, so I like the suggestion. Nothing definitive yet. We will explore insurance and other things, but same answer for all of crypto, there is nothing like FDIC yet.
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